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Machete Chamber Machete Chamber

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Ruined by slow movement

It was a good idea, and in many ways it was well executed. However, it's achilles heel was the slow movement of the character. I can understand he won't be moving very fast with 1 leg and no arms, but even with 2 legs and 2 arms he is far too slow. If machetes were dropping on my head I'd run, not slowly sidestep. This means that if the answer is A or D you can't get it if you're in the middle. Also, the questions were quite easy, apart from a couple of hard ones. How am I supposed to know who got 60 homeruns? I've never even watched baseball!

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factory balls factory balls

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun game :)

It's a very fun and original game, I've never seen any other games like it, the ball physics was very well made too.

One thing, though, how the fuck do you hitTest curved surfaces? It's driving me around the bedn! I mean bend!

It must be witchcraft or something...

Territory WAR Online Territory WAR Online

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Tactical gaming at it's best

The addition of an online mode is a great idea, and beating real human players is very fun. Only small problems were that it was a little too similar to the original, maybe more weapons would help? Also, the speech boxes were censorized >:(. Heil censorship nazi!

Pandemic II Pandemic II

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Damn Madagascar!

Pandemic ll keeps the same core features that made Pandemic a great game, and added more depth and realism. I like the 3 classes you can choose from, I like the natural disasters that help or hinder you, and I like evolviong my virus. It's quite a long game, so I recomend playing it when you have plenty of time. I thought it was good how some places were more careful than others - places like North Africa and Australia didn't do much but as soon as about a 1000 people in West Europe were infected, the government started doing loads.

There are a few problems stopping me from giving it a 10. Firstly, it is extremely hard to get Madagascar infected, and other islands like New Zealand, Japan and Greenland can be hard unless you get lucky. It's odd that Madagascar was the first to shut it's seaport and Australia - the country I started in - was the last. I would have thought that the rest of the world would quarantine Australia to prevent it spreading. It's also odd how governments were closing airports, handing out masks etc. when my virus had no symptons - how would they know it existed, and if they did know, there's hundreds of other harmless micro-organisms in people - why would my harmless one be any different? Last bad point was it got quite tedious, and a little more control, i.e. telling your virus where to go (Madagascar now dammit!) would help.

In conlcusion, this game is an inprovement over the first, and is fun to play, but there are some small problems with it.

PS have you been to
Madagascar ?

sample quote: "Madagascar is a shit African country notable to due its complete lack of airports and borders. Due to this, the Madagascarian government seems paradoxically paranoid of letting ANY MOTHERFUCKING VIRUSES IN and will promptly shut down their one seaport forever just to prevent 5 people from Greenland with a bad cough from infecting their country.

Though Madagascar is a fairly lulzless piece of shit island in real life inhabited by anthopomorphic CGI characters, the Madagascar of the game Pandemic II, brought to you by the fags on Jewgrounds, is actually one of the lulziest and RAGE-inspiring countries ever to close its one and only seaport.

As Anonymous played the game, attempting to wipe out mankind with a disease (JUST LEIK OTI AMIRITE?), many Anons discovered their plans for total extinction of the human race was thwarted by a bunch of dumb Island N****rs who closed the one seaport they have. Thats right folks, according to this game, not only do the Madagascarians possess super hearing that allows them to detect the coughing of infected people in New Zealand, but only one fucking way into the country.



Twist 2 Twist 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun, but too simple

It's fun, but it gets boring quickly. Like after 30 seconds. Make it so that you have to survive say 1 minute, then you progress to the next level, where you have to survive 2, and so on.

One question thoug, how the fuck do you hitTest curved surfaces?

Hedgehog Launch Hedgehog Launch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game

It was a very fun game, it kept me amused for a while and it was well made. The controls were simple, and I prefer using the arrow keys to the wasd keys. The graphics were good, and it the sensation of speed was imense.

Only small problems were that it's quite short and the simplicity makes it get boring after a while.

The game itself may not be that original, but the hedgehog twist made it funny!

Hint: if you're trying to finish in as least days as possible, spend your money on a good launcher and emergency rockets. The other things only really help if your trying to get loads of money, but you can complete it with the top launcher, 1 emergency rocket and nothing else! Make sure to use emergency rockets just asyour hedgehog starts to head down, for maximum height!

BTW, I did it in 15 days :p

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Governor of Poker Governor of Poker

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Poker Perfection!

I've played a few gambling games on NG and other places, and I have to say this is hand down the best.

The players all have realistic personalities - a lot of poker games fall into the trap of making players with extreme personalities, e.g. they always bluff, or they never bluff, but in this game the players have balanced and realistic personalities. The graphics are very good too, I like the top-down viw of the game. It's incredibly long - almost too long in fact.

The only probems are that it can get quite slow - either becuase of the high quality graphics or because of the AI taking it's time - maybe an option to turn graphical quality down would help this? Also, the players arms, especially the women's, look a bit disfigured. This wouldn't matter in a cartoony 2D game, but in 3D it looks wierd - the hands are huge but the arms are like twigs.

The only suggestion to inprove, apart from the ones above, would be to add more variety. Playing the same game over and over can get quite boring, maybe add different types of poker (e.g. 5 card, 7 card etc.) or maybe different card games such as pontoon (blackjack in Americerish), or bridge? Maybe even have games like roulette, although slots obviously wouldn't fit in with the wild west theme.

But, nonetheless, this is an amazing game. Bravo!

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Youdagames responds:

For Governor of poker Texas holdem is the game of our choice.
The arms??? I guess thats just a matter of taste.
About it being slow at the poker table you can set the speed x2 and you can skip and fold.

We will see what happens you never know maybe there will be a part 2
Thanks for the review!

Snap Happy Snap Happy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay but...

The game itself was ok, simple but with nice graphics, although getting a good shot was sometimes quite hard. But there's way too much advertsiement - 1 during the preloader is fine, but it's obvious this whole flash is just a marketing ploy.

Next time, concentrate on making the flash great instead of seeing how many adverts you can fit in it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Even better than the first!

SHIFT 2 takes all the great things about the original - such as the black and white style, shifting ability and great level design - and adds so much more in. The gravity shifters are a great idea, so are the checkered blocks that dissapear, and the editor that allows you to create your own levels. Speaking of which, here's my level code: (to play my level select 'EXTRAS' from the main menu, then select 'SHIFT-ED', then 'LOAD LEVEL CODE' and paste this code in the box, then press load code to load up my level design! Make sure to remove ALL spaces, including end of line ones, otherwise it won't work)

13222105Z05Z05Z0511505125051150522505 2110Z135121351293222105Z05Z05Z05Z0511 0151142512C0010Z835Z0Z22512005Z122100 51100511005113235110521C0010Z10Z13512 22512005Z1221005110051100511303Z05210 011200112C005152122512005Z12210051100 5112251250511505121052110521435225152 222512005Z122100511005110251200511312 215122131311015115151122512005Z122100 5110051100511005110051100511005Z05115 151222512005Z122100511005110051100511 0051100511005Z05Z051122512005Z1221532 210051100511005110051100511005Z05Z051 122512005Z122Z22Z22Z22Z22Z22Z221005Z0 5Z05112251200511005110051100511005110 05110051100511005Z05Z0511035222351223 5122351223512235122351223512235122351 22151221512

I call it 'DUAL PATHS'. Let me know what you think, it took me a while to make.

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The jewel chest The jewel chest

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Not the most original idea in the world, but it's very well done.

They graphics are very good, the jewels were amazingly sparkly!

The sounds when you got 3 or more in a row were also very good.

Only problem was it's too easy. I quitted in the end because I got bored, if you upped the difficulty a bit more, or made levels you have to clear, it would be better.

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