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2007-12-20 11:23:20 by neon-dude

Stop reading this, and click here!

If you're still reading, then that is a link to my flash 'Path Follower 1.2' It's my first game, and I've made it as good as I can, but I'm open to new ideas. So leave a review, or a comment here if you want, and tell me what to improve :-D!


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2007-12-21 21:04:30

I'll make sure to vote 0 for that piece of crap any day

neon-dude responds:

WTF is your problem, stop flamin me arsewipe!


2007-12-28 22:16:30

he (homoeroticlovechild) is probably all pissed off because your game sucks.

neon-dude responds:

Flash by PuddleOfButter = none


2007-12-30 20:47:03

i rather have my name on nothing instead of having it on that shity flash

neon-dude responds:

Sorry, I can't hear you because your mouth is to full of HOMOEROTICLOVECHILD'S COCK!


2007-12-31 08:58:17

why didnt it get blammed


2007-12-31 11:30:47

seriously, how did that get through? macs aren't crap, so there.

neon-dude responds:

Your a clock, you can't talk about crap flash.


2007-12-31 12:09:56

no, actually, i am not a clock. i never signed up on, and the CC doesn't make crap flash anymore.

neon-dude responds:

oh kk.


2007-12-31 12:34:46

alright, well, sorry about the mean comments and such, friends?

neon-dude responds:

yea ok.