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2007-09-20 13:45:23 by neon-dude

Rock forever! Rock is the best! Hip hop sucks! You must agree!

I like Metalica, foo fighters, avenged sevenfold, rage against the machine and my chemical romance. Leave a comment saying who you like.


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2007-10-08 13:55:21

AC/DC rules!!!

(Updated ) neon-dude responds:

*hurredly searches 'AC/DC' on Youtube.* Yeah they're good, but not my faves. Nice guitar solos!


2007-10-27 11:44:35

I like Metallica, Tenacious D and Rage Against the Machine.

neon-dude responds:

They rule! Unfortunately I haven't seen tenascious D, but I've heard them!


2007-12-03 11:28:57

Let me get this straight. You hate rap, but listen to Rage Against the Machine?

neon-dude responds:

I don't hate all rap, but I hate stuff like hip-hop, urban or grime. I don't like people who glorify violence and living in 'da ghetto'