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Tactical facepalm

2008-06-18 12:14:26 by neon-dude

Okay men. The enemies are closing in from all sides. We must act fast to stop them. Some have infiltrated our ranks, they call themselves 'Mods', although they're more commonly known as 'shitheads', 'freedom haters' and 'that-piece-of-shit-that-just-locked-a n-epic-topic-because-he's-gay'. We must flush them out, and continue to fight to protect liberty. Men, it's time for our secret weapon.


Tactical facepalm


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2008-06-18 13:40:04

The mods counterattack with ban rockets.

Your team has been destroyed. >:(

When will you people realise that we need mods to prevent Newgrounds descending into an utter shitbomb? -.-

neon-dude responds:

The facepalms deflect the ban rockets.

We launch a nuke into Zerok's camp. One less freedom hater.


2008-06-19 15:46:08

Your trolls have been dispatched by an advance guard of Deleters.

Your camp has also been hit with ban rockets.

You lost.

neon-dude responds:

We fled to /b/ where we plot our revenge, and next week the NG server is hit with DDOS attacks. Who's boss now huh?


2010-02-23 18:54:21

Mods keep this place from becoming 4chan's /b/, an ocean of piss that is constantly being pissed into by an army of newfags.

Mods launch bannuke and utterly destroy your shit.