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New programs!

2008-04-14 10:17:46 by neon-dude

I've finally got Flash 8, as well as Fireworks and Dreamweaver! I've started work on the sequel to my flash path follower, although it's going to be very different. Changes include:

- Ball controlled by arrow buttons not mouse

- View is zoomed in and moves with the ball around the course

- Ball is animated and rolls when it moves

I'm not sure what colours I'm going to use yet, at the moment I've got a black background with whie course and contrasting red ball, but that may change. I'm not particularly artistic so any help from any good artists would be much apreciated.

I've finished the first level! I'm thinking of adding a feature that makes the camera move with the wasd keys to allow the player to see the whole path and decide which direction to take (if necesary). When the first level is finished I'll upload it to NG alphas so you guys can tell me what you think!

The first level is pretty simple, although I'm going to try and add features such as scrolling enemies, teleporters, and areas that affect your speed or direction (I could even make a mirror level in which the controls are flipped!) Any ideas of interesting features you'd like to see would be welcome!

Finally, anyone who wants to design levels for me to make will have their name featured in the game and I might co-author you (depending on how much you help!) This doesn't have to be comlicated, a simple MS paint drawing with annotations to explain where you start and finish and what features would be included etc. etc.

Oh, and now that I got Fireworks I've made my first propper photoshop! I quite like it actually, what do you guys think?

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New programs!


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2008-04-23 09:05:16

Thx 4 da update even though I've never heard of you 'til now.

neon-dude responds:

No problem!